Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blunt honesty

Chris "I called my daughter Apple and yet I still expect you to take me seriously" Martin, at last night's Brit Awards: "Stop giving James Blunt such a hard time. He's British; be proud of him."

First of all, we can only apologise unreservedly. We didn't think about how hard it must be for James Blunt, what with having one of the most played songs on radio last year, album sales going through the roof, shitloads of critical acclaim, people falling over themselves to give him awards, even ones for which he is bafflingly unsuited (Best Pop Act, anyone?), being on the verge of breaking America...need we go on? We bet he just cry, cry, cries in his lonely heart thinking if there's nothing missing in his life, then why do these tears come at night? Actually, he probably cries into a big bag of money (TM Ray Romano).

Second of all, do you know who else is British, Chris? Jennifer Ellison. And Lisa Scott-Lee. Should we be proud of their contributions to the music industry? Oh, and Mischa Barton; she may have got her American citizenship recently, but she's still technically British so we should be proud of those mad acting skillz that she displays on The OC every week. And that's before we start rolling off enormous lists of British criminals and/or murderers, not that you think we aren't proud of those too.

Come on Chris, can't you think of a better reason to be proud of James Blunt?

Come to think of it, we couldn't.


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Nice One!

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